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July 1st 2015

With the arrival of July, we are less than three weeks away from literary submissions deadline day for our 14th issue — exploring the theme of 'Curious'. As ever, we're keen to make this the best issue we've made yet, so if you have a piece of writing already penned, or half a piece forming in your head, please make sure to send it in before July 20th at the very latest.

Since this issue is all about the curious, we're interested in reading work that manages to tread the line between the strange, peculiar, offbeat and unexpected, whilst not going so far that it's difficult for our readers to relate to.

If you've already submitted your poetry or short fiction, fear not, your writing is already under consideration. For those of you who haven’t, make sure that you acquaint yourself with the submissions guidelines at our submit page.


June 29th 2015

A couple of years ago, we launched The Print Shop, taking a small selection of six of the most powerful images we had featured in the magazine and making them available in large format limited editions of 150. Now, with just a handful of the prints left, we're cutting the price of them from £45 to £25 to make way for a new print-related venture — which we'll go into more detail on soon.

So, if you fancy adorning your walls with a beautiful giclee print that weighs in at 550mm x 675mm, sunk into the finest Folex Fine Art archival papers from talented artists such as Sam Green, Mydeadpony, Tom Hovey, Devin McGrath and City Abyss, head over to The Print Shop to get hold of yours.


June 22nd 2015

The notion of selling magazines and books in a digital format is one that’s been intriguing us ever since it became more widely accepted — largely thanks to the iPad, the iPhone and the Kindle. Although Popshot still shifts far more printed magazines than digital ones, our digital edition has opened doors to readers in parts of the world that we might struggle to reach in physical terms. However, up until now, this has exclusively meant readers with tablets or smartphones.

Now, thanks to the fledgling digital bookstore, 0s&1s, we’ve made Popshot available in PDF format, which means you don’t have to own a smartphone or tablet in order to read our last few issues on a screen. That’s inverted progress...

Head to the dedicated Popshot page at the 0s&1s website to find out more.


June 1st 2015

Despite its questionable reputation for killing cats, curiosity is one of the finest traits of humankind. It was the thing that sent man to the moon, Christopher Columbus to the New World and Alice down the rabbit hole. Curiosity breeds exploration, invention and, on a fairly regular basis, some form of destruction. It is the tentative footstep before the leap into the unknown, and as a result, could be argued to be one of the most intriguing words in the English language.

With that in mind, we've decided to name it as the theme for our forthcoming fourteenth issue of Popshot, The Curious Issue, which as of today, is now open for literary submissions.

If you would like the opportunity to have your short fiction or poetry published and illustrated in the next issue of the magazine, find out the full submissions guidelines at our submit page — and make sure that you send your work in long before the deadline of July 20th. As mentioned in the post below, please also consider getting hold of a copy of the magazine to gain a feel for the kind of work that we publish.


May 25th 2015

We’ve mentioned before the remarkable correlation between those people that have read Popshot and those people whose poetry and short fiction ends up being published in its pages. In our most recent Outsider-themed issue, three quarters of the writers that got in were either subscribers or had bought a copy of Popshot before. As a result, the more people that read it, the more fitting the submissions that we receive for each issue become. And as a result of that, the quality of the writing that we publish goes up.

So, with submissions for our fourteenth issue set to open in just one week’s time, we’re keen to get the magazine into the hands of as many potential contributors as we can by making all of our available issues half price until June 1st. Take advantage of the offer by heading to our single issues page now.


May 18th 2015

Kicking into life a couple of days ago, The Last Word is a festival of spoken word, storytelling and live performance that, for the next couple of weeks, will be taking over the much-venerated performing arts venue, The Roundhouse. Some of the UK’s finest literary and lyrical performers will be taking to the stage, including Luke Wright, John Hegley, Talia Randall, Inua Ellams, Mark Grist and Deanna Rodger to name just a few. To find out the full line-up and to book your tickets to one or more of the many events, head here.


April 1st 2015

We’re very pleased to announce that our thirteenth issue, which celebrates the madmen, the oddballs, the observers and the outsiders, is officially out today. Bursting at the seams with a selection of short stories and poems that bring focus to those who live on the fringes of normality, the Outsider issue is the veritable feast of oddity that it should be.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy, you can take a flick through a few of the pages here, before ordering the real thing at our single issues page, or subscribing from just £10. All pre-orders and subscriber's copies were posted out this morning and will be arriving on doormats around the globe in the coming weeks.


March 25th 2015

Last week, we unveiled the cover of the latest issue of Popshot to herald the imminent arrival of our thirteenth edition. In advance of its launch in a week’s time, we’re now releasing a selection of spreads from the issue that can be viewed immediately, in digital form, by heading to this dedicated page.

Take a flick through, and to read every poem and short story from our 'Outsider' issue, pre-order a copy from our single issues page.


March 18th 2015

With our thirteenth issue of Popshot, addressing the theme of ‘Outsider’, being sent to print this morning, we're very excited to now unveil the cover artwork for it. Composed by illustration’s next big thing, Matt Harrison Clough, it provides the perfect analogy for what this issue is all about. We’ll be releasing a few spreads from the new issue within the next week, with an expected launch date of April 1st.

To get hold of your copy long before it hits the bookshops, you can pre-order Issue 13 through our single issues page or subscribe to Popshot from just £10 a year.


February 20th 2015

With the illustrations for our forthcoming 'Outsider' issue currently being created by a selection of the finest image makers that we could get our hands on, we felt it was time to upload the visual delights that graced our last issue — on the theme of 'Time' — including the illustration above, created by Glenn Harvey for Shirley Wright's incredibly well-observed poem, Methuselah.

Head to our Pinterest page to see the full set of illustrations and if you haven't yet managed to get your hands on a copy of our 'Time issue', you can do so over at our single issues page.


February 17th 2015

If you travel on the London Underground relatively often, you’ll already be well aware of the longstanding relationship between poetry and TFL. You’ll also probably be familiar with the format of their illustrated poetry posters, which have been going strong since 2013 with the help of French illustrator, Mcbess, and look a bit like the one above.

Now, as part of its #travelbetterlondon campaign, TFL is looking for poems that could grace future posters via its poetry competition. The purpose of the competition is to ask people to submit their own poems about one inconsiderate travel habit they have witnessed on public transport, with the winner’s work made up into a poster featuring the verse accompanied by their likeness in the accompanying artwork. To find out more about how to enter, head to the dedicated competition page at the #travelbetterlondon website, and make sure you send in your ditty before March 1st.


January 30th 2015

Following the closure of literary submissions exactly a week ago, and an extensive seven days of shortlisting since then, we have now chosen the final 24 pieces of writing that will feature in the forthcoming issue of Popshot, on the theme of ‘Outsider’. A big thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to send their compositions in. We receive 2000-2500 submissions per issue, so despite only being able to publish 1% of the work that’s sent in, we truly appreciate the thought and endeavour that goes into every submission.

The new issue will launch on April 1st with submissions for our next issue opening up in June, so keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime, if you would like to get a better idea of the work that we publish, you can subscribe from just £10 a year or read every issue we've made for just £5.50 courtesy of the digital edition of Popshot.


January 10th 2015

Sitting alongside some of the finest magazines in the world, including Time, Interview, WIRED and The New Yorker, we’re honoured to have had the cover of our twelfth issue chosen as one of the best magazine covers of 2014 from French inspiration website, Fubiz. A big thanks to the supremely talented Sam Pash whose illustration did most of the work.

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Our thirteenth issue, which brings the madmen, the oddballs and the observers into the spotlight to delve into what happens on the fringes of ‘normality’. From a woodland story of a lost boy that the Brothers Grimm would…


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