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Saint Merle of the Desert

Flash fiction by Brian Winters. Illustration by Dave Cutler Lee was already into his second cup of decaf when he saw Caryl pull his pick-up into the Black Bear Diner […]

April 8th 2019

A Stay-at-Home Dad Documents His Sex Life on a Fitbit

Short story by Ryan Shoemaker, whose short story collection is titled ‘Beyond the Lights’ For dinner, make Lisa’s favourites: the Southwestern kale and black bean salad and the organic chicken […]

April 1st 2019


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My Brilliant Career

By Barbara DeCoursey Roy. This poem was inspired by an abandoned baby handed into the hospital where she works one Christmas Deposited in a cardboard box on the doorstep of […]

March 21st 2019


By Anne Walsh Donnelly, a poet from the West of Ireland. Illustration by Aurélie Garnier. Sheila burns the queen cakes Mam told him to make so she won’t ask him again. […]

March 8th 2019

When I Cook

Oeil Jumratsilpa is a London-based copywriter who loves to read, paint and cook. Illustration by Eric Chow Here, I say, is my story: on a plate or in a bowl […]

March 5th 2019

The Barber

Sherry Morris is a UK-based writer from America’s heartland. This story was inspired by her love of facial hair. Illustration by Robbie Cathro The men who come and sit in […]

March 1st 2019

A Receipt for Our Romance

Jade Cuttle tots up the sum total of a brief relationship. This poem is the unlikely product of Jade Cuttle’s stint as a litter-picker. Jade has performed her poetry on […]

February 13th 2019

Identify great writing

At Popshot Towers, we are delighted to introduce the arrival of our 23rd edition, The Identity Issue Identity has been the subject of art since the earliest humans daubed pigment […]

February 7th 2019


The Escape Issue At Popshot we are asking for submissions of poetry, flash and short stories on the theme of escape. SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS ISSUE ARE NOW CLOSED The next […]

February 1st 2019


Drum roll, please. The team at Popshot Towers is delighted to announce the launch of our 22nd edition, The Nostalgia Issue.

November 16th 2018


The Identity Issue The editors of Popshot are looking for submissions on the theme of identity. Writers are invited to examine how the self is formed or undermined, how society […]

November 2nd 2018

We took six poets and five illustrators and asked them to create work about nostalgia

We’re delighted to share nostalgic work from poets and illustrators who took part in our first workshop with UnFOLD and Lyrix Organix at the House of Illustration

October 1st 2018


Lizabeth Yandel’s poem explores a past relationship through the thick lens of nostalgia. Illustration by Nik Neves

August 9th 2018


David Romanda’s poem was inspired by a childhood encounter with a neighbour. Illustration by Joseph Crisp

August 1st 2018