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Cover illustration by Chiara Morra


The latest issue of Popshot Quarterly is on sale now. Cover illustration by Chiara Morra

The Heart Issue is a collection of vivid writing exploring the impact of this physical organ and romantic symbol. It cuts deep, with tales of dysfunction, heartbreak and love. Featuring a short story by guest author Kevin Jared Hosein.

Words by: Skye Fulcher, Mantz Yorke, Mike Wilson, Reema Rao-Patel, Kevin Jared Hosein, Charlotte Johnson, Joel Scarfe, Lauren Woods, Les Bernstein, Nicole Chvatal, Emma Robertson, Hope Wandless, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Scampy Spiro, Neil Laurenson, David Brookes, Suzy Aspell, Allan Miller, Clara Berut-Lhopital, Emmaline O’Dowd, T L Ransome, Rachel Lister, Ciarán Parkes, John T Battaglia, Jenna Putnam.

Illustrations by: Chiara Morra, Alissa Thaler, Tímea Terenyei, Martyna Grᾳdziel, Darren Espin, Tim Alexander, Karolin Schnoor, Carmen Dominguez, Sophie and The Frogs, Elena Wong, Poppy Loughtman, Catherine Byun, Kalakal, Margot Szipszky, Katie Coward, Mya Hang, Ginger Ngo, Elisabeth Theo, Bethany Jayne Studio, Milena Muszynska, Tayla de Beer, Varvara Temnichenko, Yvonne Redin, Helen Jarosz, Davide Spelta.

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