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Cover illustration by Gracie Dahl.


The latest issue of Popshot Quarterly is on sale now. Cover illustration by Gracie Dahl.

The Joy Issue is a collection of vivid writing, exploring brief bursts of intense happiness. It goes deep, with tales of burgeoning desire, childhood giggles, exploding champagne bottles and laughter. Featuring an exclusive short story by guest author Shelby Van Pelt. Cover illustration by Gracie Dahl.

Words by Corinna Keefe, Benedict O’Rourke, Olivia Jenkins, Christian Butler-Zanetti, Chloe Laws, Dragana Lazici, Carolyn Gillum, Grace Marie Liu, Jack Buckingham, Samuel Rogers, Taria Karillion, Gary Hughes, Prajay Ghaghda, Parnian Sadeghi, Alex Beata Clarke, Shelby Van Pelt, Liz Adams, Honor Somerset, Anthony Holness, Billie Manning, Polly Barker, Miranda Westphal, Mia Bleach, Mims Sully, Anna Hollingsworth, Jay Barnett, Polly East, Annie Cowell, Theodore Beecroft, Louise McStravick, Emily Jane.

Illustrations by Gracie Dahl, Pamela Chen, Charlie Riddle, Toni Gajadhar, Kaylie Pendleton, Twoolw, Lola Nankin, Niu Cheni, Hannah Finnie, An Chen, Eline Veldhuisen, Travis Constantine, Marine Coutroutsios, Marjolein Verbruggen, Kim Williams, Rita M. Pereira, Not Flipper, Ane Arzelus, Weitong Mai, Millie Baker, Tasha Dale, Celyn Hunt, Joseph Stevenson (Kynobi), Violet Argent, Namasri  Niumi.

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