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Cover illustration by Dilianny Espinoza


The latest issue of Popshot Quarterly is on sale now. Cover illustration by Dilianny Espinoza

The Water Issue is a collection of vivid writing, exploring our relationship with the wet stuff. It goes deep, with tales of selkies, hot tub time machines, submerged villages, and severe droughts.

Words by: Carol Casey, Elizabeth Gibson, David Heidenstam, Haleigh Morgan, Sarah Coakley, Twanda Rolle, John Davis, Sequoia Nagamatsu, Kym Deyn, Claire Orchard, Jill McKenzie, Alison Gormon, Linda Goulden, Linda McCauley Freeman, Liam McClelland, Ami Hendrickson, Christopher Thomas, Thea Zimmer, Finolla Scott, Sophie Goldsworthy, Lucy Beckley, Jennifer Stark, Melanie Jones, Victoria Jeynes, Harriet Truscott, Ben Tallon, Steven Mitchell, Susie McComb.

Illustrations by: Herta Arnaud, Rebecca Chang Jen Lin, Natalia Chirkowska, Courtney L Ellis, Dilianny Espinoza, Tor Ewen, Jon Higham, Neko Jiang, Lou Kiss, Yian Lee, Ellie Lonsdale, Esmé Alice Mackey, Vivi Maidanik, Nika Mamedova, Akesi Martinez, Shauna Mckeon, Jemima Muir, Andrei Nicolescu, Alejandra Peñaloza, Ellis Pearce, Ione Rail, Rowena Sheehan, Maria Skliarova, Jasmine Tutton, Rachel Joan Wallis, Zhigang Zhang.

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