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Cover illustration by Millie Baker


The latest issue of Popshot Quarterly is on sale now. Cover illustration by Millie Baker

The Haunting Issue is a collection of vivid writing about hauntings, intrusive memories and fear. It cuts deep, but also skewers genres for a wry take on scare stories, featuring Taylor Swift, nostalgic music and a mixture of genuine and fake ghouls. Featuring an extract from J M Miro’s Ordinary Monsters inside.

Words by: Al Crow, Benjamin Herriton, David Romanda, Annabel White, Ellora Sutton, Sophia Rubina Charalambous, Dan Spencer, Jonathan Greenhause, Dallon Robinson, Jeremy Smith, Julie-ann Rowell, Heather Walker, Fiona Eatwell, Alexandra Cîrstian, J M Miro, JP Relph, Simon Tindale, Jonathan Willmer, Joe Williams, Kay Young, Charlie Rose Evans, Rebecca Klassen, Megan Denton, Abigail Williams, Morgan Liphart, Simon Fairbanks

Illustrations by: Millie Baker, James Merritt, Andrew Haener, Guille Manchado, Daisy May Morgan, Rung Sheng Chou, Brooklin Holbrough, Torsten Carlisle, Gail Gosschalk, Mikayla Bader, Gary Venn, Sammi Shen, Neil Webb, Katie M Green, Laura Brannigan, Karen Stolper, Katelyn McKenna, Hayley Sinnatt, Kamal Kuz, Peter Roman, Dina Razin, Seb Westcott, Cyndy Patrick.

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