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The House of Illustration workshop. Credit: Owen Davis (www.owen-davies.com)

We took six poets and five illustrators and asked them to create work about nostalgia

We’re delighted to share nostalgic work from poets and illustrators who took part in our first workshop with Lyrix Organix and UnFOLD at the House of Illustration

Back at the height of summer, we held our first workshop with Lyrix Organix and their flagship project UnFOLD. Six poets and five illustrators threw reams of enthusiasm, creativity and talent our way, pairing up to produce work on the theme of Nostalgia to tie in with our next issue. The day was run by Joanna Layla and Sophia Thakur, at the House of Illustration in King’s Cross.

Joanna Layla mentors one of the poets

Joanna Layla mentors a participant. Credit: Owen Davies (www.owen-davies.com)

The day, attended by the Popshot team, involved a burst of ideas about how to develop concepts, and how to meld words and images. The writers and artists then paired off to develop work. Now, as the publication date for the new issue approaches, we are delighted to be able to share their projects.

And now for the work…
I thought I knew

Poet: Sophie Bird. Illustrator: Emmie McGee

* * *


Yellow Brick Road

Poet: Sara El Harrak. Illustrator: Thebluefeminine (Giulia Parini)

* * *



Poet: Chloë Florence. Illustrator: Harry Woodgate

* * *


Green Twine

Poet: Sophie Bird. Illustrator: Sophie Burrows

* * *


One Drop

Poet: Dee McGowan. Illustrator: Sophie Burrows

* * *
Life Lines

Poet: Paris Hyman. Illustrator: Kayleigh Berry


UnFOLD blurs the boundaries of performance poetry, live music, illustration and literature by inviting young poets to work with string ensembles, percussionists and visual artists.  This autumn, UnFOLD embarks on its first UK tour with a spellbinding 60-minute live production featuring three spoken-word artists, a full band and animations – every show is unique. Do come along! The dates are: 10/10: Manchester, Band on the Wall; 01/11: Gateshead, Sage Gateshead; 16/11: Bristol, St George’s Bristol; and 6/12: London, Kings Place. For tickets, head to https://www.lyrixorganixunfold.com/tour

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