With a new year just days away, there are now only four weeks left to submit your poems and short stories to our next issue on the theme of ‘Future’.

Until January 26th, we’ll be accepting poems of up to 25 lines and short stories of up to 3,000 words that relate to the theme of ‘Future’. So if you want to kick off the new year by getting your writing published, illustrated and read by thousands of people across the globe, make sure it’s polished up and in with us before the deadline passes.

A little tip for submitting. We’ve been receiving a lot of morbid and depressing depictions of the future over the last few weeks. And while we’re certainly not averse to dystopian work (we’ve published quite a bit of it during our time), we don’t want our readers to finish this issue with a heavy heart. If you have a poem or short story up your sleeve that’s pretty gloomy, see if you can turn it into something that won’t make us want to reach for the nearest noose.

If you’ve already sent in your submission for this issue, fear not, your writing is already under consideration. If not, make sure you acquaint yourself with the submissions guidelines at popshotpopshot.com/submit.

We’re looking forward to reading your literary masterpieces.