Popshot Magazine

Illustration by Sophie Standing.


The 33rd issue of Popshot Quarterly is now on sale featuring a poem by guest author Catriona Innes. Cover illustration by Sophie Standing.

Popshot is a beautifully illustrated quarterly magazine showcasing imaginative short stories, flash fiction and poetry by the best new writers.

The Family Issue is a collection of vivid writing, exploring what it means to be a family today. It cuts deep, with tales of devastating family secrets, pseudo-siblings, robots who want to be loved, and ‘family trees’ which grow beating human hearts.

Words by: Jackie Martin; Polly East; Wendy BooydeGraaff; Gresham Cash; Maggie Stephenson; Catriona Innes; Helen MacDonald; Romina Ramos; Eva Rivers; Kay Sandry; JL Bogenschneider; Danny Beusch; James McDermott; Leanne Su; Sage Tyrtle; Colette Coen; C. E. Janecek; Liam Hogan; Cecilia Knapp; Noel O’Regan; John Gosslee; Lorelei Bacht; Theo Beecroft; Gráinne Tobin; Zosia Koptiuch; Sarah Fuller; Katja Knežević.

Illustrations by: Beth Ashley; Dafna Barzilay; Louise Billyard; Jenny Booth; Clare Davis; Marian Femenias-Moratinos; Cinta Fosch; Julia Galotta; Sami Henry; Ida Henrich; Andrea Iris; Kasia Kozakiewicz; Valentina Leoni; Jon Lim; Emily Louka; Izabela Olesinska; Hayley Patterson; Irina Pavlova; Yannick Scott; Meital Shushan; Sophie Standing; Maggie Stephenson; Kate Styling; Karolina Sroka; Martha White; Dawei Wang.

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