Popshot Magazine

Cover illustration by Chuchu Briquet


The 31st issue of Popshot Quarterly is now on sale featuring a short story by guest author Daisy Johnson. Cover illustration by Chuchu Briquet.

The Intimacy Issue is a collection of vivid writing about human connection. Providing a window into other people’s sex lives, comic observations of intimacy, and sharp moments of missed affection, it also includes a short story by Daisy Johnson.

Words by Trista Wilson, James McDermott, Kayla Jenkins, Victoria Jeynes, Anna Dempsey, Steve Head, Erin Coppin, Amy Barnes, Alan McCormick, Hannah Hodgson, Daisy Johnson, Alan Semerdjian, Iona Rule, Andrew Dias, Marie O’Shea, Rowena Warwick, Elaine Ruth White, Holly Challenger, Victor Ugo, Emily Wilcox, Rosemary Gemmell, Rebecca Myers, Megan Thomas, Madison Rahner, Ellie Brundrett.

Illustrations by Allie Sullberg, Andrea Safarikova, Beatrice Simpkiss, Cara Rooney, Chuchu Briquet, Ciaran Murphy, Clare Davis, Freya Lowy Clark, Jason Chuang, Jodie Welsh, Jonty Howley, Kasia Kozakiewicz, Katy Streeter, Liam Woodruff, Lizzie Quirke, Lorna Dolby Stevens, Lucy Morwen, Martha Bräuer, Natka Klimowicz, Natsumi Chikayasu, Nina Goodyer, Sarah Wilson, Simona De Leo, Tzu-Chun Chang, Wesley Barnes, Zach Meyer.

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