Popshot Magazine


There are now less than four weeks left to submit your poems and short stories to our next issue on the theme of ‘Light’.

With July just around the corner, we’re less than four weeks away from the submissions deadline for our eighteenth issue, exploring the theme of ‘Light’. As ever, we’re keen to make this the best issue of Popshot yet, so if you have a piece of writing already penned, or half a piece forming in your head, make sure to send it in before July 25th at the very latest. A few things to note so far:

1) We’ve been receiving a lot of poems but not enough short fiction. So if you have a short story that sits within the 3,500 word count and connects with the theme, we would love to read it.

2) If the pieces of writing you want to submit have been published before, just make sure you have full rights to publish them again.

3) If you’ve been published in a recent issue, that doesn’t mean you can’t submit to this one. Previous contributors and new contributors are given equal consideration.

Finally, if you’ve already submitted your poetry or short fiction, rest assured, your writing is under consideration. If you haven’t yet, make sure you acquaint yourself with the submissions guidelines at popshotpopshot.com/submit/