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Our brand new issue, exploring the theme of ‘Curious’, is fresh off the press and available to buy as a single issue or through a subscription.

Containing a compelling selection of short stories, poems and illustrations that put oddity and curiosity at their heart, The Curious Issue has now arrived and is on its way to doormats and bookshop shelves as we speak.

Led by some of the finest storytellers and poets, and accompanied by a selection of beautiful illustrations, we’ll travel to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean; to the workshop of a fraudulent creator of abnormalities; and to the rowing boats of rosy-blooded explorers. We’ll happen across nighttime gardeners and dusty bookshop owners, discover a giant machine capable of attaining the answers to all of life’s questions, watch as dodos are reassembled, and find ourselves caught in a loop where generation after generation lives out a very similar life.

Browse through a few images below and have a flick through a few spreads here. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, you can either buy a single issue for £6 + p&p or subscribe for £10 a year and get The Curious Issue as your initial copy, followed by our next two issues over the coming year, plus free access to our digital editionwhich contains every issue we’ve ever published.